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Quick response code or QR code, refers to a particular 2D matrix barcode which can be read easily through specific barcode readers as well as camera telephones. In a qr code the black modules are set together in a square shaped formation with white background. These codes are used for encoding other data, web address or text. The codes could be read easily through a qr code scanner which also features smart phone applications. In case you have a smart phone then you may go to an application store and get a quick response code reader.




You will find a number of applications which are available absolutely free. The qr code links an offline information with the online content and to produce extra data along with multimedia in certain cases. Qr codes are used for packaging products, advertisements on buses, magazine ads and articles, business cards as well as museums exhibitions. Initially qr code usage was limited to tracking vehicle manufacturing parts. However, today, they are being used in a lot broader context for applications which are convenience oriented for cell phone users and also for applications that are used in commercial tracking.



The codes are also put to use for displaying text to the consumers, adding contacts from virtual card contacts to the device of a consumer, for opening URI, composing e-mails or text message etc. Customers may even generate as well as print own qr codes for many others uses that can be scanned or used by logging on to different free and paid QR codes generating sites or applications.



QR codes which store URLs and address frequently appear in magazines, business cards, signs or any other object which customers are interested in gathering information about. Users with camera phones equipped with right reader applications may scan image of QR code easily for displaying the text, contact information, connecting to a network which is wireless or also for opening a website in the browser. QR codes are very easy to be read by mobile phones. The qr codes obtain data from a temporary media and then put it further on the mobile phone. After the code has been registered on the cell phone you can get the necessary details about the business like taking help of the users for conducting search on the close locations etc.


The codes may also help in showing a URL which can be clicked for watching a movie trailer or one can obtain a coupon that could be used in the nearby shop. The reason for people preferring qr codes over standard barcodes is their capacity of digitally storing and presenting a lot of data featuring texts, geo coordinates, URL links etc. The other vital characteristic of the qr codes is they may be scanned easily by the latest cellular phones and there isn’t any requirement of scanning by a scanning machine.


Every business irrespective of whether it is small or large may use these codes in different productive ways. One may generate codes for each product featured on his/her own web portal that would contain all information in regard to details of the products, the contact numbers, as well as the URL links connecting to the web page. The information could also be displayed and shared by the users with their friends. One could easily add anyone to their business card containing your details. Consequently it becomes easier for people to add somebody to their contacts list on the cellular phones.


These codes may also be added to various kinds of posters, invites, flyers, print advertising, TV ads and many more which consists of all the details regarding the product, offer, contact, event, competition, ids on Twitter, Face book, MySpace, discount coupons, links to You tube videos etc. It is quite necessary to keep your website updated and keep it looking new as it is a major requirement for SEO.


For keeping their sites fresh, businesses usually tend to take the help of blogs or regularly update the homepage with new products, new deals/offers and new coupons. This generally becomes a major challenge particularly for smaller businesses but on another other hand it is important as by doing so your website is shown alive when conducting search. Having great as well as fresh content isn’t just enough for one’s site. A qr code may also be generated easily through various sites.


One may also use many open source codes for generating codes provided that they have a good developer with them. Many sites offer you several tools wherein you may add qr codes to the sites quite easily. The search engines will notice you updating and changing the page. The new images or index, are viewed by the search engines. Some times even qr codes are recognized by the search engines.


qr codes are becoming hugely popular and are gaining momentum in a bit slow but steady speed. Currently there are very few users who are availing the benefits which these codes provide. These few users indeed have high knowledge of the nitty-gritty and are usually found to be more receptive to business on the social media as well as networking sites like MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These users ardently appreciate savvy technological knowledge. The number of such users is increasing day-by-day, thereby brightening the future and prospects of qr codes.


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